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Defending Our Hard-Won Uncertainties

Say what you mean. Bear witness. Iterate.

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A Wandering Hobbit
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I was born on a small planet orbiting a G2 star. I'm still here, watching the birds, reading and writing and cooking and walking and working out semi-regularly at the gym. I like being strong.

I'm an editor, copy editor, and proofreader, currently working freelance on math test practice/prep software, and looking for additional work. My most recent full-time position was editing test preparation/review books for students in elementary, middle, and high school. I was primarily a science editor, but also worked on the math books. I may not be able to avoid noticing typos, but I will try not to comment on them unless you ask or unless I genuinely can't tell what you meant to say.

I once borrowed a cupful of the Elephant Child's 'satiable curtiosity, and he shows no signs of needing it back. Along with this journal, I keep a Weblog to point out interesting, important, or just plain weird things on the Web. (Well, I used to; it's sort of moribund these days.) I'm delighted by all the colors the sky is on this planet.

I'm bisexual and polyamorous, and have three wonderful partners. I live in Bellevue, Washington, with cattitude, and visit the other two semi-regularly; long-distance works for us, but we're still figuring out how to handle a few thousand miles, rather than a few hundred. (I miss living in the same time zone.) My valency appears to be full, happily so.

More information about me can be gleaned by reading my journal entries. If confused, ask; I'll probably answer.


La via del tren subterraneo es peligrosa. Si el tren se para entre las estaciones, quedese adentro. No salga afuera. Siga las instrucciones de los operadores del tren o de la policia.

People talk about planning ahead, but when it becomes cannibalizing your actual present self for the sake of vague future possibilities, it's time to stop and plan for here and now. Don't wear yourself out so badly that there's nobody left to have that future.

Disclaimers: I am not a lawyer, so don't take anything I post as legal advice. (If I were a lawyer, there'd be other constraints on what advice I could give.) This is my personal journal, not a public accommodation. If you want a soapbox, LJ accounts are free and available to anyone with Internet access. When I'm getting stressed (for reasons personal or larger-scale), I sometimes stop reading things that are adding to that stress. It doesn't mean I hate you, and it doesn't mean you're boring; it just means that, at that time, this seems like the appropriate course of action.

This universe is sold by mass, not volume. Some expansion may have occurred during shipping.

If I've commented in your journal and you don't know me, I probably found you via http://www.livejournal.com/users/redbird/friendsfriends/

You don't need to ask permission to put me on your friends list: if it's in a public journal entry, it's public. I may or may not reciprocate, depending on factors including what you post in your journal, how much time and energy I have available, and any interactions we've had elsewhere.

Along similar lines, if you add me to your friends list but I can't figure out who you are and you haven't posted anything that interests me, I'm not going to add you. That includes people who haven't posted at all; people who post only quiz results; and people who write only about subjects that don't interest me (e.g., fanfic based on things I haven't seen/read, or details of debugging machine code). Email identifying yourself, and interesting comments to my posts, are both more likely to influence me than claims that I should be interested in cricket.

The flipside of that is that one advantage of this medium is that it lets me find new and interesting people; if I like what you write, I don't need to know your real name, or have someone introduce us, or any of that.

I also have an account at Dreamwidth, under the same username. Most things are cross-posted. A few are here only. A few are there only, either DW-related meta posts or things I wrote for the "Three Weeks for Dreamwidth" project. I'm happy to read people's journals, or have them read my entries and comment on my entries, either place.

Notes on contacting me outside LJ: My address and phone number are in a friends-locked LJ entry.

Despite what the display on this page thinks, I'm using the same chat client for LJ Talk (Jabber), AIM, and Gtalk, so if I'm on any of them I'm probably on all (unless the service is down).

Putting "URGENT" by itself in all-caps in the subject line of a message will either (a) make me think a virus grabbed your "from" address, in which case the message may be deleted unread, or (b) worry me without informing me. "URGENT: Our frammistan plans" or similar is much better. Also, while there's a "send redbird a text message" link above, it's far from the best way to contact me--email, snail mail if you're not in a hurry, a voice call (to that or the landline), and AIM are all better. I'm in the Manhattan telephone directory, and we have an answering machine.

Yes, I'm on Facebook, but very rarely log on; don't count on my seeing anything there. Ditto for Google+. Twitter is too evanescent to be a good contact medium, but as of September 2014 I am keeping an eye on it and tweeting occasionally.

Most of my userpics are either pictures of me, or specifically made by or for me. Please don't grab those. A few are specifically labeled as "please don't take" because they're less obvious, or because people have asked about them. A few others are specifically labeled as shareable. If in doubt, please ask.

If you feel the need to include a video in a comment, identify it briefly. I run Flashblock and have autoplay off, and am not going to click on random YouTube videos even if I know and like you, and am confident that they aren't spam.

Backdated emergency contact information is in this entry, locked so only LJ admins, my partners, and I can see it. If you're not one of the above, either try the usual routes or try to convince any of the above that you have an emergency. [I rather doubt this will ever be both useful and necessary, but I see no harm in it.]
−∞, (lengthy parenthetical asides), alice's restaurant anti-massacre movement, alison bechdel, alt.polyamory, always coming home, answering rhetorical questions, anthropocene, being rained on, bilingualism, birding, birds, bisexuality, cats, cats laughing, cenozoic dinosaurs, chocolate, climate, coelacanths, cognitive dissonance, cold girly steel, complicated beauty, conversation, cosmology, daniel pinkwater, dark chocolate, dim sum, discordianism, dorothy sayers, earthsea, elisem's jewelry, elizabeth lynn, ethics, evolution of language, fainting in coils, fandom, feathers, feeding clementines to cats, feminism, feminist science fiction, finding things out, flanders and swann, fnord, gardening, gender-neutral language, ghoti, hapax legomena, history of science, hobbit socialist party, homo floresiensis, hothead paisan, hugs, ice cream, idiot's delight, improvisational cooking, inwood hill park, irregular classical noun plurals, j. r. r. tolkien, jo walton, john m. ford, jorge luis borges, keeping cool, ken macleod, language change, laura nyro, le guin, learning, live theatre, logic, making connections, mary gentle, middle earth, montreal, monty python's flying circus, moxy fruvous, moxy früvous, musicals, natural history, neologisms, new foods, new york city, nitpicking, octavia butler, okapi, orthography, ozy and millie, pablo neruda, paleontology, paper, paris, peace, planetary astronomy, platypodes, plenty of books, polyamory, polysemy, prose, punctuation, purple, radical self-acceptance, rassef, rational exuberance, rec.arts.sf.fandom, reflexivity, relationship geeking, rereading, research, resisting memes, satisficing, science fiction, scrabble, seattle, seeded rye bread, self-reference, sky colors, socialism, sondheim, space child's mother goose, stan rogers, subverting gender roles, subways, superfluous technology, sushi, tattoos, tea, the moon, the power of and, the smallest uninteresting integer, the weavers, theatre, they might be giants, tigers, tiptree award, tom stoppard, transmogrification, travel, united perverts, ursula k. le guin, ursula le guin, use-mention distinctions, vnv nation, walking, weightlifting, wildflowers, wiscon, writing, xenobiology, zoos

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